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    The Rules

    Rules : The Basics

    1) Use your real name.

    2) Think before you post.

    3) Don't be a dick.

    4) Don't drag threads off topic.

    5) Don't post to old threads.

    6) Keep your signature short, relevant and don't use images in it.

    If you have any queries about these, or anything about how the site works, start a thread.

    Rules : With Explanation

    Those rules are to the point, but there's reasoning behind them. How you interact with people here, and how to get the very most out of the site, relies on understanding these core principles:

    Principle 1: We're here to build the smallpress games community in the UK

    Post about games you've played and how they went (good, bad, indifferent?) If you want to introduce yourself, this is the best way. It'll give us a handle on your experiences with games, you might be surprised at how much these vary.

    We want you to post about finding people to play with. Tell us about conventions and meetups you're organising. Let us know and we'll come along too! We'll help by running games and events.

    We want to help you with games design. We may ask difficult questions, but these aren't an attack on your game. We're just trying to work out how you think, what assumptions you're making and what kind of experience you mean by RPG.

    We're about Publishing. Ask about writing, editing, art, layout, printing, PDF and websites. We have professionals in all these fields who can point you to useful resources.

    Each forum has a subtitle explaining what should go there. If it doesn't seem to fit anywhere, don't post it. There are other, better, places to post general gaming commentary.

    Principle 2: We're about mutualism

    We're here to help each other out. Treat other people and their ideas with respect. Read others' posts in the best possible light and we'll do the same for you.

    We're about discussion. You may find people disagree with you. That's fine. You don't learn anything new from people who agree with you. It's fine to have strong opinions. We do expect them to be backed up with some critical thinking and evidence though.

    We're our own community, so don't bring the Internet here. Don't behave like a dick, don't troll and don't create arguments for their own sake. It's fine to swear, but at concepts not people.

    Principle 3: We're about getting things done.

    We thrive on a good signal to noise ratio. It helps things happen. Every hollow post you add that is an empty "me too!", 'that's great!" or a "here's my opinion on something tangential" degrades that signal.

    Before you post a comment, read it over and check it adds something. Compose your thoughts, as if writing a letter or an essay. If somebody starts a thread they want something out if it, so keep to their guidelines. Your jokey tangent might kill their chances of getting the decent feedback they want.

    Wait a while before posting a reply. If a thread goes off at a tangent for more than 2 posts, start a new thread. This stops threads getting diluted, and means new ideas can grow in their own space.