The following publishers were involved in the Collective Endeavour:

  • Contested Ground Studios

    Scotland-based publishers of Cold City, Hot War, A|State and Mob Justice

  • Realms Publishing

    Midlands-based imprint of Matt Machell, publishing Covenant, The Agency, The Queen's Men and The Filthy Dozen

    Realms Publishing Website

  • Omnihedron Games

    Northern England based imprint of Neil Gow, publishing Duty and Honour and Beat to Quarters

    Omnihedron Games Website

  • Steampower Publishing

    Andrew Kenrick's imprint publishing Dead of Night, Memories & Madness and others

    Steampower Publishing Website

  • Boxninja

    Gregor Hutton's imprint, publishing Best Friends, Remember Tomorrow, Hell 4 Leather and 3:16 - Carnage Amongst the Stars

    Boxninja Website

  • Prince of Darkness Games

    Joe Prince's imprint publishing Contenders, Swansong, Labyrinthes and Lycanthropes, Eternal Contenders and others.

  • Lord of the Pies

    Rich Stoke's imprint publishing Umlaut - The Game of Metal

    Lord of the Pies Website

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