Omnihedron Games

Ten points to the first person to get the reference in the title?

Of course, its from the wonderfully British 2000 AD comic strip 'Zenith' by Grant Morrison.

And essentially, thats the mission of Omnihedron Games - to produce games which focus on 'wonderfully British' topics and themes. There is a rich vein of mythological, historical, literary and televisual material from the UK that is perfect for producing  games.

Three things you probably didn't know about Neil Gow, the twisted mind behind Omnihedron? He knows the words to every song in Fiddler on the Roof, he has never played poker and despite his perennial online tag of 'vodkashok', he's teetotal!

For more information about Omnihedron's first two games - 'Duty & Honour' and 'Beat to Quarters', check out the Omnihedron website

Duty & Honour

Adventure and Romance in Wellington's Army!